Browning Trail Cameras

Browning Trail & Game Cameras

Browning Trail Cameras offers you trail cameras to help you capture great images of the game on your property and have been designed with you in mind, to deliver excellent quality results in the field. Whether you are trying to capture that buck of a lifetime running down a trail, or just interested in what’s congregating around your feed blocks, our line of game cameras has the features you are looking for. Browning game cameras feature incredible trigger speeds of less than one second, so you don’t miss any action in the field.

Browning 2018 Dark Ops Pro

Browning 2018 Dark Ops Pro

The 2018 Dark Ops Pro takes footage of wildlife on your property using a powerful Invisible Infrared flash that is completely undetectable.  This camera is perfect for animals that are easily spooked, or trespassers on your property.

  • 18 MP
  • 1.5” Color View Screen
  • 1296 x 720 HD videos with sound (5 sec.- 2 min. length)
  • Invisible “Night Vision” Infrared LED illumination at night
  • 80 ft. Flash Range
  • 80 ft. Detection Range
  • 0.3 Second Trigger Speed
  • 0.6 Second Recovery Time
  • All- Steel adjustable tree Mounting Bracket
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card (not included)
  • Camo Finish
  • Compact Case Size 4.25” x 3” x 2.5”


Price: $169.00