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Deer Creek Whitetail Deer Food Plot Seed & Wildlife Food Plot Seed Mixes

Deer Creek Deer Food Plot SeedDeer Creek Wildlife Plot Seed Products are developed by certified Agronomists. The success of any plot depends on sound agronomy. When you need the best in whitetail deer food plot seed, be sure to visit Fifield Seed n Feed near Park Falls, Wisconsin for your Deer Creek Seed!

Deer Creek Food Plot Seed offers a variety of mixtures that provide food and cover for wildlife including deer. The varieties used in our mixes are proven to be hardy in northern Wisconsin, and are tested and developed to produce nutritious, high protein forage in our climate.


Deer Creek Seed, Inc. is the only Midwestern company that grows, conditions and packages forage and wildlife food plot seed, continually perfecting our “seed stewardship.” It’s this science-combined with our depth of experience-that makes us Master Seedsmen. We take great care and pride in upholding these credentials for our customers.

Fifield Seed ‘n Feed in Northern Wisconsin is your trusted dealer for Deer Creek Wildlife Food Plot Seed!

Why should I choose Deer Creek Seed?

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Care and pride of Master Seedsmen

Seed quality begins with the grower. Ask most seed suppliers if they actually grow and condition seed and, most likely, you’ll find they don’t. They’re simply reselling seed they bought from someone else. Deer Creek Seed still grows and conditions seed-that’s what seedsmen do. Our continuing stewardship of these disciplines is complemented by access to improved and elite varieties from breeding programs around the world. As experienced professionals with access to the best growers, Deer Creek Seed is uniquely positioned to meet your precise requirements.

Deer Creek Seed’s Certified Crop Advisors & Agronomists are avid hunters with their own established wildlife plots. This field testing means our mixtures are perpetually evaluated and improved to produce an attractive and nourishing food source for deer, grouse, turkey, pheasant and other wildlife.

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Horse, Deer, Rabbit & Bird Feeds

Chaffhaye Alfalfa Horse & Deer Feed

Chaffhaye is premium bagged, Non-GMO Alfalfa sold in 50-pound bags that captures the key characteristics of fresh pasture, while also offering a guaranteed level of nutrition. It is ideal for ensuring maximum health and well-being of all classes of horse, deer, goat, llama, chickens, camelid, and other exotic animals.

Chaffhaye is a family owned, state-of-the-art facility that has become the leading producer of premium fresh chopped, bagged forage in the U.S. Chaffhaye’s goal is to cultivate and produce the finest all-natural forage product on the market, elevating the performance and well-being of horses, ruminants, and other grazers.

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Prince Regency Senior Horse Feed

A healthy horse has intrinsic beauty. However most of us keep horses for active tasks, be it some form of riding or pulling. We feed horses for “motion” whether it is racing, gaming, endurance riding draft pulling, or simply “hacking” on the weekends. For this “motion” we need to not only develop and maintain good muscle tissue but also all of the supporting materials such as bones, tendons. We also need a strong immune system and other organs such as the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Prince Regency Equine Feeds are designed around these needs and the core considerations that separate equine products from feeds designed for food production animals.

Senior Formula

  • Chelated Mineral-superior biological availability
  • Proteins balanced for amino acids
  • Contains Natural Vitamin E- Greater biological availability with increased plasma concentrations compared to synthetic forms
  • Contains Zeo-Carb® to reduce the effects of excess Nitrogen
  • Contains mannan oligosaccharides to help support immune protection
  • Contains d-glucosamine

Buckeye Nutrition Safe ‘n Easy Pelleted Horse Feed

BUCKEYE®Nutrition has built our entire business on the desire to empower horses and horse owners to share in fulfilling relationships. We’re passionate about unlocking horses’ full potential and allowing them to live the longest, healthiest and happiest lives possible. Every BUCKEYE® Nutrition product is formulated with 100% traceable ingredients from field to feed bucket, and produced in our state-of-the-art, medication-free facility. That’s a promise you – and your horse – can trust.

  • A controlled-starch-and-sugar (12.5%) formula to avoid the effects of high blood sugar and starch overload
  • Utilizes digestible energy sources from fiber and fat, eliminating the need for high-starch grains
  • Contains GRO ‘N WIN to supply optimum levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for horses with heaves, colic, obesity, laminitis, EPSM, HYPP, tying-up and metabolic disorders like insulin resistance and Cushing’s disease (PPID)

Prince Poultry Feed

Prince Feeds have a great reputation for both growing and laying birds. Prince poultry feed offers specialized feed for growing layers, broilers, turkeys and game birds. They also offer laying feeds for both traditional egg production and for game bird egg production.

The nutrient guarantee for poultry feeds will often look similar across many manufacturers. However, the superiority of Prince Poultry Feed is based upon the chosen ingredients and manufacturing techniques. Essentially all companies balance diets for methionine and lysine, the first two amino acids to limit production in corn soybean based diets. However, Prince feeds include ingredients such as: pork meat and bone meal, alfalfa meal and linseed meal. These other ingredients help to supply other essential amino acids, key fatty acids and highly digestible minerals, allowing for maximum production.

Prince Rabbit Feed

Prince has a long history of success in providing the highest quality rabbit feed on the market. Prince’s customers have had success both in the show ring, and developing rabbits for food in an economical manner. Prince rabbit feed has a strong history of success from both show and production growers!

For grower & breeder rabbits
Highly palatable
High alfalfa content = quality protein source and source of organic calcium
Added trace minerals & vitamins