Evergreen & Earth Blind Hunting Blinds

Evergreen Hunting Blinds

  • Built locally in Central Wisconsin
  • Modular Design for quick and easy assembly
  • Weighs less than 600 lbs
Evergreen Hunting Blinds

Evergreen Hunting Blinds

Designed and built by Bob Fredrick, Evergreen Blinds are a great choice for a permanent style hunting blind. Bob has 46 years of experience in the manufactured home industry and has hunted with his family since childhood.

On his own hunting property, Bob has been developing by trial and error the ultimate hunting blind.

Years of fighting off wasps in bear season and sub zero temperatures in the deer season have inspired Bob to add details needed in a great hunting blind. Evergreen hunting blinds are modular designed in a controlled environment with processes that ensure tight tolerances and easy assembly.

If you have ever built your own hunting shack, you will see the value in purchasing an Evergreen Hunting Blind.

Evergreen Hunting Blinds are your best choice for a permanent style hunting blind.

Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble modular design

Comfortable & Spacious

  • 66″X 66″ floor with carpet
  • 80″ inside height
  • 7 hinged windows
  • Elevated structure available

Easy To Move

  • Can easily be moved with an ATV and 1/2″ pull rope

Professionally Built

  • Manufactured in Wisconsin
  • T-111 Siding
  • Tinted Plexiglass windows, silicone sealed
  • Flat steel over 7/16″ OSB peaked roof
  • Windows Available (vertical show) or horizontal
  • Wasp, hornet, and bug proof
  • Custom colored and camo stenciled
Manufactured in Wisconsin

Manufactured in Wisconsin

Tower Blinds start at $1,850.00 and the ground blinds start at $1,375.00.

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Earth Blind

The Earth Blind is constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass, designed with an innovative, patented EARTH technology, to be able to BLEND perfectly with any natural surrounding.

  • protection against fading, rotting, and damage due to animals
  • spacious interior is ideal for multiple hunters and even your family’s future little hunters
  • can be CUSTOMIZED to fit YOUR needs

Habitat – Just set your Earth Blind out in nature, let the habitat grow around it, and the result is a favorite spot ready-to-go for decades of undetected concealment. Earth Blind will be there ready to keep your presence obscure.

Windows – These silent, 3-stage windows completely seal to keep scent in and to black out completely (turning into a bow holder). They also open fully to shoot a gun or arrow. The windows are angled so all reflections are sent to the ground, add locking doors and the design’s natural curves and you have the ultimate hunting blind.

Design – Its heavy-duty fiberglass design with an innovative, real-earth finish blends perfectly in the environment, because it is made with real dirt. If this blind doesn’t match your ground, we can customize it with dirt from your own property. Earth Blind’s heavy-duty fiberglass is protected from damage due to animal gnawing, fading, rotting, or deteriorating. Earth Blind’s large interior makes it ideal for multiple hunters and even filming. An optional sealed rubber bottom can be installed to keep ground animals out.

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