Dog Wash Center

DIY Self-Wash Available in Park Falls, WI Area

Self-Wash Dog Wash

Self-Wash Dog Wash

Self-Wash Dog Wash

Self-Serve Pet Wash Station
Please call Seed-N-Feed 715-762-2667 to book a time.

Last Appointment For Dog Wash is 1 Hour Before Store Closing. Please plan on having your dog at the wash no later than 1 hour prior to closing time. Thank you!

Avoid the mess and clean up of washing your dog at home and use Seed-N-Feed’s do-it-yourself dog wash facility!

  • Full dog wash facility for DIY’ers
  • Please call to reserve a time
  • We’re available to answer any questions
  • Easy access washing center with steps leading up into the waist-high tub
  • Comfortable for both you and your pet
  • Temperature controlled water, high velocity dryers, drying platform and grooming table
  • Towels, aprons, rubber scrubber, brushes and combs
  • Dog Wash: $20.00 large dog, $15.00 medium, $10.00 small. Bring a towel and shampoo. Shampoo also available here.

CALL 715-762-2667 to book a time!